Explore Deepverse Step by Step

Step 1: Build your model

Here is just a demo of Tensorflow, in practice we recommend that you do this on Google CoLab

Step 2:


models on Blockchain

IPFS and Arwaeve supported currently, more to come!

NuCypher provides a proxy re-encryption network for additional security.


Upload or download model
with IPFS!

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Connect to local ipfs node via websocket


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Upload or download model
with Filecoin!

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Connect to Filecoin API client


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Chain Height


Upload a file to Filecoin/IPFS


Search for a CID on the network


Upload or download model
with Arweave!

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Upload a file to arweave


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Model Utility

Combine Models!

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A proxy re-encryption network to empower privacy in decentralized systems!



Data owner, Alice, grants access to her encrypted data to anyone she wants by creating a policy and uploading it to the network


Collaborator or other entity can encrypt data on Alice's behalf using public key. The resulted encrypted data can then be uploaded to IPFs or any other storage layer.


A group of Ursulas (nodes of the NuCypher network) receive the access policy and re-encrypt data in exchange for rewards. (The use of proxy re-encryption guarantees that Ursulas, and the storage layer never have access to Alice's plaintext data.)


Data recipient, Bob, sends an access request to the NuCypher network. If Bob was granted an access policy by Alice, the data is re-encrypted for his public key, and he can subsequently decrypt it with his private key.

Run ursula:

nucypher ursula run --dev --federated-only

Alice run:

nucypher alice run --dev --federated-only --teacher

Create a label (derive_policy_encrypting_key):
This endpoint controls the Alice.get_policy_pubkey_from_label method.
URL: /derive_policy_encrypting_key/<\label\> Method: POST
Returns: a hex-encoded policy_encrypting_key

Bob run:

nucypher bob run --dev --federated-only --teacher --controller-port 4000

This endpoint controls the Alice.grant method.
URL: /grant HTTP Method: PUT

Start Enrico:

nucypher enrico run --policy-encrypting-key $key$ --http-port 5000

Encrypt the message:
This endpoint controls the Enrico.encrypt_message method.
URL: /encrypt_message HTTP Method: POST
Message Retrieve:
This endpoint controls the Bob.retrieve method.
URL: /retrieve HTTP Method: POST

Step 3:
Race your Neural Network
and Get Rewards!

Tezos! Till Everyone Zap One Score!

Technology Employed